Starting with ORIGAM is easy

Make your work easier and focus on your business. With ORIGAM, assemble a software that fits your organization. Quickly and for the price of a packaged product.

Easy to use


The user interface is elegant, easy to use and operate. No need for long onboardings. You are productive from the first moment.

Easy changes


The ORIGAM platform is adapted to frequent changes. Agile development enables continuous software testing and feedback. Working with ready components enables easier and faster delivery of the software.

Well-known functionalities


Use functionalities you know well in charts. Data filtering, sorting or grouping. You can save your own settings and share with others. You can also instantly export any data to Excel for further analysis.


ORIGAM functionalities

Choose from over 30 components and build an application tailored to your needs. All this without a single line of code.



A system with no outputs is like a black hole. When you've put your data and processes in order, you can leverage the unique reporting and analytics tools ORIGAM partners up with. Enable your users to investigate your data.

Unlimited number of users

Unlimited number of users

Now you can invite all your customers and partners into your system, and involve them in your common processes without the risk of extra costs. ORIGAM is a free software. We don't earn money on licences.

Data security

Data security

Unlike Office documents, all data is saved in a database. Data correctness can be checked via complex business rules. The whole system is protected by detailed access rights.



Why manually rewrite data from or to other systems? With your app, you can easily communicate with other systems or connect other systems via API.



It's always best when an internal process is "recorded" directly within the system. Monitor your agenda, notify users and automate where it makes sense (such as automated billing following order approval).



Do you deal with logistics? Are you a farmer or a real estate agency? Or do you simply work with maps? ORIGAM can visualise data on maps. You can use maps to plot points, areas or routes. Maps can be an integral part of your information system.

Tailored to your needs

Tailored to your needs

Although ORIGAM contains ready components common to all customers, the system can be tailored to your individual needs. This may include special visual elements, connection to your specific system or unorthodox algorithms.



Need a documents archive that you can generate within the system on your own? Want to save your customer documents? Or do you want to incorporate field images into your processes? Not a problem. You can work with attachments in your agendas, share them with your partners or work with them in other web or mobile applications.


Who is ORIGAM made for?

Digital transformation. Innovative companies and departments. Specific process requirements. ORIGAM is mainly for those who find typical mass-market applications unsatisfactory or those who would have to develop software from scratch. ORIGAM is used by small businesses as well as big multinationals and NGOs, across all industries.

Our process

How to start with ORIGAM?

Book a meeting with us
Tell us about your pain points and needs.

We'll prepare a free prototype
This will take us a few days. In turn, you will test the usability and look & feel of your new system.

Let's fix the details
We'll agree on all technology and process requirements, price and timeframe.

Developing and finetuning
Our agile, step-by-step approach to development allows you to follow all progress closely and feedback anything in time.

Deploying your website, including training

Help & support
We won't let you down. Our developer community or certified partners are here to help and advise.

Get help when in need

One advantage of open-source software is a large pool of individuals and organizations who help develop the system. You don't have to work with a single partner only.

Community forum


The forum is open to everyone. You can find first-level support here. Experienced members of the community respond to relevant questions and improvement proposals.

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Partners are certified ORIGAM specialists. They are here to discuss prototype, custom development and support. You pay for the time devoted to you.

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Core Team


There is always ORIGAM guru - our team of founders. You won't be left without help.

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How do our customers use ORIGAM?

A prison needs a sophisticated software, too

The system developed for a Swiss Office is based on ORIGAM. It enables quick, objective and data-driven analysis of each convict's case, including the risk of relapse. It eliminates human error in judgment and presents a new level of rigidity in the evaluation of criminal cases. We've managed the project with great savings in time and resources.

Swiss Office for the Execution of Penal Sentences and Justice Icon

Sugar refinery solves logistics

TTD, the biggest sugar refinery in the country, had a problem with trucks. Anywhere between 50 and 200 unload their loads of beets at the refinery's doorstep every day. Come too many, the roads get jammed. Come too few and the whole operation might shut down. So all drivers used to be manually coordinated via cellphones. Labor intensive, imprecise, messy… until they turned to ORIGAM. Real time tracking. Automatic monitoring of the cargo’s size. Ongoing correlation with lab analyses determining the quality of the beets. The platform now monitors inputs from the producers regarding soil quality, creates invoices based on lab results and much much more. (image © GT1976 CC BY-SA 4.0)

Tereos TTD Icon

Insurance policies under control

How do you keep track of thousands of insurance contracts? You could use MS Office – slow, messy, cumbersome. Or you could build your own system underpinned by ORIGAM. AGV, a Swiss insurance company, did just that. In less than ninety „man–days“, we had a working system that automated document creation, scanning, barcode based sorting and even allowed the civil service access via extranet. All that for 50% less than the standard issue software running on SAP. (image © Klaus Graf, CC-BY 2.5)

Aargauische Gebäudeversicherung, Switzerland Icon

Are you interested in ORIGAM?

Do you want to try a prototype? Or you find ORIGAM so interesting that you want to become a partner? Contact us and tell us what you need. We will be glad to come back to you.