How it all began

New company founded
At first we focused on general IT solutions for SMEs. But we soon spotted a high demand for a solution that would have all the benefits of a custom software but offset its drawbacks. So we got into software development, and ORIGAM was born.

Focus on partners
We decided to change our strategy and put 100% focus on software implementers and developers. We leave it to our partners to be in direct contact with the customer, as they know them better than we ever could. Our responsibility was therefore to supply the right tools so that our partners can do their job the best way possible.

Open source
We decided to provide ORIGAM as a free, open-source software.

We want ORIGAM to become the no. 1 solution for all software developers who seek maximum flexibility and reliability with quick technical support.

  • Brand story

Imagine origami: start with an idea, a final concept on your mind. Fold a piece of paper, and then once again. Practice, begin with something simple and follow the instructions. Prototype. Gain experience and try more sophisticated models. Eventually, you can do the whole thing: from an idea to custom development and workable solution.

This is exactly how ORIGAM works.

„A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.“

— Lao Tse

Are you interested in ORIGAM?

Do you want to try a prototype? Or you find ORIGAM so interesting that you want to become a partner? Contact us and tell us what you need. We will be glad to come back to you.