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Styles allow you to change attributes of some visual elements, like e.g. colors.

Widget Style Property

Every widget contains predefined properties that can be styled. For example, TextBox has a FontWeight property.


A style has the following attributes:

WidgetA widget to which this style can be applied. When you are choosing a style for a widget in a screen editor only applicable styles can be selected.

Child elements

Style Property

Style Property

For each style you can choose one or more properties to which you assign a value. You do not need to choose all the properties. If you omit some style property of a widget, it will assign a default value.

A style property has the following attributes:

PropertyA widget style property identifying which property you will style
ValueA textual value assigned to the property. 

Color Values

You can specify a color the following ways:

By NameYou can use a name of the color, e.g. black or blue
Hex CodeYou can use a hexadecimal code, e.g #00cc00
Named System ColorYou can use a color from a predefined list of ORIGAM system colors, e.g. calendarEventBackgroundColor


  Style Property
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