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ORIGAM model consists of all the building blocks needed for an application. Every part of the solution is modeled and later interpreted by the ORIGAM Runtime.

Model Overview

This diagram provides an overview of the main dependencies between the model elements. Only the major elements are displayed in the diagram.

TOP Model Levels


This chapter provides basic information about the ORIGAM model and how the model works.

Common Model

In the Common section of the model you can find general elements that you will need throughout the modeling process of your application.

Data Model

The Data Model is the base level of the modeling process. It is the foundation of the resulting application. After the Data Model is defined, all the following modeling makes use of it. For example, when designing screens, the editor offers a list of data fields that you can just drag and drop into the form designer.

User Interface Model

User interface definition is an integral part of ORIGAM solution development. Building complex user interfaces on top of the data model is fast and easy.

Business Logic Model

The Business logic model allows you to define the functional part of your application.

Web API/Pages

Web elements specify outside facing REST API or HTML pages. This way you can expose any data or functionality, or your ORIGAM applications in a simple way.

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